Targeted Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

US Recruitment is the only solution your clinical research needs to effortlessly recruit qualified patients straight to your trials.

Targeted Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trial
Targeted Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials Targeted Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials Targeted Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials Targeted Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials Targeted Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials Targeted Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials
All due process in a clinical trial.

Make Your Next Clinical Trial a Success

We know all too well how challenging the recruitment process can be. That’s why we have created an innovative solution to help you reach your goals.

When you partner with US Recruitment,  you’ll have the full support of a multi-faceted team that’s well versed in a wide range of fields, from healthcare and data science all the way to marketing strategy and software development.

US Recruitment Platform

Targeting Qualified Patients

Real-Time Reporting

Risk-Based Pricing Model

Metrics Driven Management

5-Day Startup Time

User-Friendly Portal

Sponsor & CROs Partnerships


Experience in most Therapeutic Areas

Patient Recruitment Strategies

Target & Recruit Qualified Patients

US Recruitment takes the guesswork and complexity out of recruitment by using the power of target advertising. In no time, you’ll be able to utilize our analytics and tools to attract those patients.

Custom-built Online Pre-screeners

US Recruitment will save you time and energy by supplying customized online pre-screeners that can be set up to automatically reject any unqualified patients not fit for your study.

Custom Data Reports & Analytics

Learning from analytics and testing is one of the best ways to improve future recruitment strategies. That’s why US Recruitment goes the extra mile by providing you with easy-to-understand custom reports.

User-Friendly Personalized Portal

There’s almost nothing more energy draining than a hard-to-use platform. Rather than wasting time navigating around a maze of a portal, US Recruitment will set up a custom portal for you that’s incredibly easy and friendly to use.

Project Management

With so many different avenues involved in clinical trial recruitment, from strategic analysis to patient communication, it does take a team to handle it all successfully. Luckily, you’ve got the full force of US Recruitment to work on project management as you focus on what matters most.

Branded Materials

Once you’ve secured those patients, we’ll help you out with the best retention practices to keep those patients engaged for your research. One of those practices includes the use of branded materials, such as gifts and products. Such incentives keep everyone excited and at the edge of their seat.

Lab workers making sure everything go well.

Our Results

18 %

Decrease in average cost per lead within the first 30 days

86 %

Average increase in traffic from new users for studies

68 %

Average increase in new patients recruited for studies

Our Experience

No matter what indications your clinical research is involved in, US Recruitment has dabbled in it all. Explore some of the therapeutic areas we have successfully recruited patients for below.

Patient in a clinical trial for Psychology & Neurology.

Psychology & Neurology

From Major Depressive Disorder and Schizophrenia all the way down to Migraines and Alzheimer’s Disease, we can help guide your Psychology & Neurology trials in the right direction.

Importance of skin allergy testing.

Immunology & Rheumatology

If your research involves improving the complexities of the immune system and diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions, then US Recruitment can help you locate those patients.

Woman makes sure to stay fit and well.


We’re all about clinical trials that elevate heart and circulation health. Whether a patient tends to have high cholesterol, cardiovascular risk, or any condition in-between, we’ll direct them right to you.


Lumbar Disc Herniation


Overall 123 randomized patients over 8 months
10% of patients randomized each month

Doctor shaking hands with patient
Patient undergoing the process for clinical trials.



Overall 82 randomized patients over 3 months
53% of patients randomized each month

Osteoarthritis of the Knee


Overall 82 randomized patients over 3 months
39% of patients randomized each month

Doctor showing patient a chart to explain further

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