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About US Recruitment
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Our Mission- Dedicated Doctors.

Our Mission

US Recruitment was founded in an effort to better match patients to the right clinical trials. By taking advantage of the latest digital marketing and social advertising technologies, we seek to help sponsors and clinical research organizations boost their patient recruitment and maximize their trial enrollments like never before.
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Our Vision

Through the use of our targeted advertising methods, we aim to transform the often slow yet complex patient recruitment process by helping you save valuable time, energy, and money. It’s our vision to empower your clinical research with the tools it needs to perform life-saving trials and safe treatment development.
A Platform That Enables You To Surpass Your Goals

A Platform That Enables You to Surpass Your Goals

Did you know that 8 out of every 10 clinical studies fail to meet their recruitment goals?

That not only means a halt on the thousands of treatment ideas that fail to move on but a waste of the resources invested. Here at US Recruitment, our only goal is to help your clinical study surpass its recruitment benchmarks by enabling you to easily connect with the right patients. We’ll make sure that your efforts produce real, data-driven results.

Utilizing Targeted Advertising Technologies to Streamline Your Recruitment Efforts

Whether you work as a sponsor, clinical research organization, academic medical center, or patient advocacy group, our online platform will automatically match your trial with qualified prospective patients to help you avoid the complicated nuances involved with inclusion and exclusion factors.

Utilizing targeted advertising strategies.
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Refine Your Criteria

At every step of the way, you’ll be able to refine your criteria with precision and care as you take advantage of our tracking analytics. Our various engagement tools, easy-to-create pre-screeners, and secure messaging technologies will all collectively help you attract those critical first patients and retain them for future trials.

In no time, you’ll be able to exceed your expectations, defy the odds, and move forward with your trial to conduct life-saving work that makes a difference for every single patient.

What Makes US
Recruitment Stand Out

We’re Not Just Another Recruitment Tool At Your Fingertips.

Here at US Recruitment, we’re a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary team with expertise in a wide range of fields, from healthcare and data crunching to marketing strategy and software development. It isn’t only our diverse skillset that connects us together, but a shared vision to deliver real results and insights that drive your clinical research studies forward.

Digital Marketing & SEO

On top of our already near-nerdy passion for our areas of expertise, we’re continually on the prowl for the latest digital marketing and SEO trends to stay at the very forefront of industry leadership. By choosing to work with US Recruitment, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy a high-quality service steeped with attention-oriented integrity, transparency, and empathy.

US Recruitment Stand Out
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