Custom Data Flow Management

“Where are the right patients?”

It’s a phrase that’s been said over and over again by many sponsors and clinical research organizations alike.

Perhaps you too can resonate with the frustration that occurs when all your independent recruiting efforts lead to a trickle of patients at most, with many who might not even fit all of the qualifications. You know that your research has the power to do a lot of good, but the patient roadblock in your way seems too tough at the moment to overcome.

Custom Data Flow Management
Custom Data Flow Management Custom Data Flow Management Custom Data Flow Management Custom Data Flow Management
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You’ve spoken, and we listened.

Here at US Recruitment, we’ve developed a strong custom data flow management system that will actively recruit a steady stream of qualified patients, guaranteed. In no time, you’ll be able to reach your target sample size with ease as we simplify the process, giving you the time to focus on the most critical part at hand — your research.

But how exactly does it all work? Take a look below for more insight into the magic of our custom data flow management.

What Makes US Recruitment Stand Out

How It All Works

Because our clinical trial patient recruitment is fully tailored to the needs of your study, we’ll take the necessary information we need from you upfront so that you can sit back and relax as your patients file in.

We’ll let our expert digital marketing specialists hit the ground running as they exercise their social listening and outreach skills to build major patient interest.

The qualified patients will then flow on to registration, where they’ll be formally invited onto the study.

Patient Opt-In.
Once that interest is built up, we’ll allow your prospective patients to officially opt-in to your study and officially declare interest.

Validation & Site Follow-Up.
Now that you have your patients right before you, we’ll allow you to step in to do any final validation rounds and follow-ups before everything is confirmed.

Using the information we’ve collected from you at the beginning of the process, we’ll have your prospective patients take the custom pre-screener we’ve set up to determine whether they can qualify and move on through the process.

All great clinical trials alike have patient consent procedures in place. Once this step is taken care of, you’ll be completely ready to proceed.

Now that you’re familiar with how our custom data flow management works, you’re ready to see first-hand how this process can work magic for your clinical research. Work with US Recruitment today to accelerate your patient recruitment efforts and create those meaningful research results.

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