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No matter what field your clinical research is involved in, chances are that US Recruitment has done it. With extensive experience behind us, we’ll help forge a custom plan to maximize your recruitment success.

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Therapeutic Areas

Getting the right patients for your clinical study.

Psychology & Neurology

From Major Depressive Disorder and Schizophrenia all the way down to Alzheimer’s and Migraines, we can help guide your Psychology & Neurology trials in the right direction.

Make sure your body is fit and healthy.


We’re all about clinical trials that elevate heart and circulation health. Whether a patient tends to have high cholesterol, cardiovascular risk, or any condition in-between, we’ll direct them right to you.

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Ophthalmology & Audiology

Any research that involves ear and eye health is well worth pursuing. US Recruitment will aid you in your search to find the right candidates for Ophthalmology and Audiology.

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General Medicine & Endocrinology

There are a variety of health issues that don’t necessarily fall under a specific category. No matter what you choose to focus on, whether it be diabetes or COVID-19, our strategies will elevate your trials beyond the benchmarks.

Dermatology tests and procedures.

Dermatology & Aesthetics

With our skin being the largest organ of our body, there’s no doubt that it’ll require lots of research to protect and maintain. That’s why we’ll help to elevate your Dermatology and Aesthetics trials to the next level.

Everything you need to know about clinical trials.


Our gastrointestinal tracts and livers are of paramount importance in helping to detoxify our bodies and process important nutrients. Therefore, US Recruitment’s targeted advertising will attract the right patients to maintain those parts of our bodies.

Importance of urgent check-ups for pedia.


At US Recruitment, one of our targeted advertising features involves finding the perfect age range of patients for your research. No matter what condition you’re interested in for Pediatrics, we’ll make sure you find your match.

Why skin allergy is necessary.

Immunology & Rheumatology

If your research involves improving the complexities of the immune system and diagnosing musculoskeletal conditions, then US Recruitment can help you locate those patients.

Importance of health insurance.

Women’s Health

From breast cancer research to bacterial vaginosis, there’s no lack of conditions that can impact a woman’s health. Here at US Recruitment, we’ll put our solutions to work in attracting the perfect patients.

Speak for men's health too.

Men’s Health

In similar fashion to women’s health, there are numerous conditions out there such as prostate cancer and hair loss that can impact men as well. US Recruitment will empower trials related to men’s health through our various custom solutions.

Getting the best experience from a clinical trial.


If your research involves studying the diseases that impact male and female urinary tracts, it’s important that you find the right patients to conduct trials with. US Recruitment’s various tools will get you there.

Importance of clinical trials to get thr right medications.


With COVID-19 being one of the many conditions that can impact our respiratory systems, research involving those areas is more crucial than ever. Take advantage of all the tools and resources that US Recruitment offers to boost your recruitment efforts like never before.

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We are the BEST at matching patients with specific clinical trials. What’s your next research project?