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When it comes to things that we love doing most, data-crunching places at a close second after patient recruitment strategies. Here at US Recruitment, we believe that powerful insights and stories can be told from just a few numbers alone. That’s why we’re absolutely in love with analytics and utilizing their insights to improve our patient recruitment campaigns.

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A Numbers-Driven Strategy

Our process first starts out with detailed research and social listening. It’s through these first steps that we’re able to carefully put ourselves into the viewpoints of your potential participants and take what we understand to attract them to your groundbreaking clinical research. Then, we’ll make use of a variety of statistical tools such as Google Analytics and SPSS to make accurate predictions and determine where to optimize. With your end-goals in mind, we’ll make sure our data-loving team members apply the right modeling techniques and employ close monitoring throughout the duration of a campaign to ensure that your return on investment is maximized.

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Ongoing Support

While our patient recruiting efforts are taking place, we won’t ever leave you in the dark. Because our top priority is in helping your trials surpass their benchmarks, we’ll provide you with consistent analytics updates in the form of ongoing reporting on your website and all social media ad campaigns involved.

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Our Numbers Don’t Fail

At the end of the day, with so many qualitative and quantitative variables involved in any campaign, US Recruitment relies on superb analytics to keep everyone aligned and on the same page. If the numbers never fail us, then you can guarantee that we won’t let your research down, either.

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