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No matter where your patients first learn about your clinical research, chances are that they’ll eventually make their way to one central place — your website.

After all, it’s the location where your patients will ultimately determine whether they want to participate in your trials. And believe it or not, but they can get a good sense of whether they want to do so within the first 1/10th of a second that they hop in. In other words, your website has barely even a second to leave a lasting impression on any prospective visitors.

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Evaluating Your Current Website

From your perspective as a sponsor or clinical researcher, take a moment to evaluate the current state of your website. Do the interface and layout seem fresh and modern even to catch your eye? Or does it have that outdated and faded look that instantly disappoints the most excited patient instead?

Optimized Clinical Research Trial Recruitment Website

No matter what avenue your research is in, you’ll want to make sure that your website helps your recruitment efforts rather than hinder them. Without putting in the time to develop a unique and user-friendly website, the only guarantee you can dwell on is the fact that you’ll directly be serving your competitors while investing less time on your research.

What you might not know is that an excellent website can serve far more of a purpose than just looking good alone. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits that US Recruitment can help you achieve by developing an optimized clinical research trial recruitment website:

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Function as a One-stop-shop For Patients

In order to move on to the next phases of your trials, you’ll first need to pass your benchmark goals. In working with US Recruitment, you’ll help us get familiarized with what you need to achieve so that we can develop a comprehensive campaign strategy within your budget that’s guaranteed to work.

Create Engaging Content

Apart from the crucial information that a spectacular website contains, you can raise the bar even higher with engaging content such as photos, explainer videos, graphics, and even a blog. It’s a well-known fact that companies with blog pages produce an average of nearly 67% more leads monthly than companies without.

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Help Rankings With SEO Optimization

Your website can naturally lead patients to your clinical trials without needing a single cent invested. It all lies in the natural power of Google search rankings. To help rank your website as high as possible, we can provide in-depth keyword research that elevates your SEO optimization straight through the roof. In no time, your website will make its way to the top of the search results.

Develop a More Professional Presence

Think from your prospective patient’s perspective — would you rather join a trial that comes from a researcher with a great looking website or join another trial without any website? We think you’ll choose the former, and for good reason. A beautifully designed website that combines the perfect balance of both looks and information is the best way that your research can attract more patients.

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Your clinical trial website is one of the only places that your patients truly get to learn the most about your research. Is yours bringing you the results you need?