Patient Engagement & Retention

We know that getting patients involved in a research study is only the first step of many along the way toward your ultimate goals. What’s arguably more challenging is making sure that your participants stay engaged and active throughout the course of your trial. In a situation where your clinical research might be dealing with children or is more time-intensive, what’s the best solution that you can take to keep patients coming back for more?
That’s where you can rely on US Recruitment’s retention strategies to keep the ball rolling hassle-free.

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Keep Them Just as Excited as You Are Vector

Keep Them Just as
Excited as You Are

While the mission of your clinical research is certainly enticing enough on its own, a few added perks certainly can’t hurt. That’s why we’ll do our part to take a close in-depth look at the parameters of your studies and evaluate the potential barriers that prospective patients might face. In exercising our psychological brains, you can leave it to us to provide the right incentives to keep everyone coming back for more.

Travel & Scheduling

As we begin retention planning, we’ll cover all the bases that you can think of and more. From traveling distance and study duration to patient age range and trial risks, every factor taken into consideration will help us craft the most personalized retention practices. No matter what’s done in the end, you can always rely on us to keep your patients just as excited as you are about your innovative clinical research.

Travel and scheduling considerations
The Right Branding Vector

The Right Branding

Along with good psychology practices, our marketing team will also help your clinical research shine by giving it a credible brand image. In creating free gifts such as complimentary bags, water bottles, gift cards, and more, having your brand image on those products will provide that extra boost for your patients to truly dedicate themselves to the values and missions of your study.

A Worry-Free Experience

Of course, it’s important to us that everything we do stays within guidelines. To create a worry-free experience for your research to take place, US Recruitment will closely monitor any existing IRB and sponsor regulations to ensure that our retention practices can co-exist alongside your research. In the event that certain practices aren’t always needed, we’ll do our part to work with you in evaluating the best steps we can take to help you drive the best results forward.

Making clinical trials a worry-free experience.
Participants stay engaged and active

Let’s make sure that your participants stay engaged and active throughout the course of your trial.